Friday, August 27, 2010

Targeting SloanTV - Who is our audience?

SloanTV is having some identity issues right now.  If we don't count Miro's wife Elizabeth, our first legitimate viewer, Adam Blake, asked for more Sloan-related content.  Miro and I are hesitant to make a show that targets just Sloan, but we also don't need to be a worse version of the Daily Show.  So what should we do?

We need to talk about targeting.  A tried and true marketing mainstay of good business.  In short the question targeting forces us to ask is: who are we making the show for?  Once we have that question answered, we can start to drive our content decisions for our target audience.

My current thinking on this is the following.  What if we target Boston-area business people:
  1. MBA's
  2. hopeful MBA's
  3. Boston entrepreneurs.

I can already hear my marketing professor cringing that my targeting isn't tight enough.  Okay, so let's exclude hopeful MBA's.  They're don't want a show made for them, they want to watch what real business people are watching, so let's assume that we'll get some of them with plain old spill-over.  That takes the list down to:
  1. Boston entrepreneurs.
  2. MBA's
Well, we have to make the cut between one of these two groups.  I'm leaning towards cutting the MBA's.  Again, we'll get some of them with spill-over.  MBA's are also HIGHLY UNINTERESTING to the rest of the outside world.  So building a show for them will exclude basically everyone else.  So, here's what's left:
  1. Boston entrepreneurs.
I like it already :)

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  1. You could also consider adding a bit of what Adam is talking about. Do the show geared towards entrepreneurs but then in the last 2 minutes before you talk about your weekends, you can list off exciting/pertinent/important Sloan events coming up. That's my two cents this week. Also, Miro's shirt looks like it's choking him, loosen a button.

    Oh, and now that you linked my website to the world, I need to actually work in it. Thanks/Grrr.

  2. Tom, your logic, as always, is impeccable.

    SO why I'm hesitating. I agree that potential MBAs will be interested in a show that targets MBAs.

    I guess my hesitation is do we bring any unique perspective to the entrepreneurship scene. I know that as MBAs we bring something to that dialog.

  3. What about college and high school students figuring out what to do in life?

  4. Interesting ... I guess I have the same question here. What unique perspective do we bring to this?

    For many people, isn't the MBA a delay of making that decision.