Friday, May 27, 2011

In business school, all sex is sex in public

The authors of Case Studies and Cocktails discuss how to gracefully get through business school. From sex with classmates to excel tips, Carrie Shuchart and Chris Ryan, have published the definitive guide to surviving and thriving in your MBA program.

(1) Authors of Case Studies & Cocktails
Carrie Shuchart
Chris Ryan

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(2) Jargon: Leverage

(3) Business School Tip of the Week
(A) Be Open to anything
(B) Color Code your Excel

Thursday, May 19, 2011

2011 MBA Jobs Report: Salaries are up!

The 2011 GMAC jobs report is out. MiroKaz and TheRealTomRose discuss which metrics have gone up, and which have gone down. Also, learn how to build your resume in three easy steps.

(1) Headlines: The 2011 Jobs Report is out!!!

[Very excited]

Everything is up!!

What’s up doc?

Average salary is up to $91K from $89K last year
The average b-school salary increase was 73% over pre-b-school salaries.

That makes my wallet feel nice and happy.

Last year 32% of MBAs had jobs in March. This year, 54% of MBAs had jobs in March.

[Math on paper] Miro: If this trend continues, by the time the entering MBA class graduates in 2013, 98% of them can expect to have six figure job offers in March.

[miro reaction]

That means they’re basically guaranteed to get jobs.

Both: Woooooooah.....

[Realization] Wow, if everyone is going to have a job after graduation,

This changes everything! Now that we’re all guaranteed to get high paying jobs...

- I can finally stop focusing on studying around the clock and go out drinking on weeknights

- I can take out $100k in student loan debt that we didn’t need in the first place!

- I can use loan money to pay for lavish international sailing vacations in the Caribbean!

- I can go out for expensive dinners and act like part of the elite.

- Instead of insisting that all money be poured into our education with can throw a shit fit at any noon meeting that doesn’t have a catered, non-pizza lunch

- I can pay $150k for a piece of paper that frankly my parents wish were a law degree.

- I can finally pay our share of the class gift! Woah woah, let’s not get crazy here. That’s $50 a year you know.

(3) Jargon: Fractional Jet Ownership
Minimum 5 year contract
1/16th of a Jet is 50 hours of flying a year
at least $400K to get in plus about $250K a year plus $1500/hour

Buying a jet costs an average of $5M and $1500 an hour plus a full time crew.

(4) Business School Tip of the Week: Build your resume bullets
Think of your summer internship from a resume point of view.
You’ve already got the top line. You know what company you’re working. Now it’s the time to work on the bullets underneath.

Start strategically planning your summer based on what you need to achieve to have credentials coming OUT of the summer. You need to get staffed on good projects NOW.

What does good project mean?


Size where You can have an impact.


5) What’s on your Radar?
Miro: Old friend coming into town. an acutal journalist
Tom: Flying to a caribbean. I’ll be using USAir’s fractional seat ownership program.

Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Raise $1.8M in VC While Still in Business School

Vanessa Green explains how to raise VC money while still a student in business school. Also, women out number men in grad school ... except in MBA programs ... despite 10 years of recruitment efforts.

We have Great Show today.
Vanessa Green will tell you how raise $1.8M in VC funding
All, while still in B-School

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(1) Headlines:

50% of Graduate students are women.

We did it! We won. Wooo hooo. Yes yes yes yes yes.

*Bing* Excluding business schools

[deadpan] Oh ….

But enrollment of women in business schools has increased from 25% to 35% in the last 10 years

We did it! We won. Woo hoooo. yes yes yes yes yes.

*Bing* Only at the top 10 business schools.

Son of a bitch!

But … Overall, MBA’s are now 30% female

That is terrible! 10 years we’ve been investing in this. That’s 5% over 10 years. If you look at the statistical error, we may not have moved at all.

Recruiting women is tapped out. That has been pushed and pushed and pushed. We have reached the limits of what push can do and now we need pull to take over.

At this point, fewer women are applying to business school simply because the marketplace isn’t offering enough attractive jobs.

GMAC’s annual survey
Women send 20% more resumes for ½ the job offers that men receive.

Well that explains that. Based on those stats, the number of women going to b-school should be going down.

But check this out: In China, 63% of GMAT test-takers are women.

I’ve got it. I know how we can increase the number of women in business school! Become Chinese.

Tom, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m trying. Believe me, I’m trying.

(2) Interview: Vanessa Green

Intro: If you’re a woman thinking about going to business school and you’re looking for a role model, look no further than our next Guest. Vanessa Green created her own job. Actually, she created four. She raised $1.8M in VC money from Venrock and Paytech while attending B-school full time!

There are advantages to being a man in entrepreneurship. There is a stronger culture of women supporting men married to their jobs. There isn’t a strong culture of men supporting women married to their companies.

Can you start a company and have a family too?
Would you raise money during school again?
Didn’t they pressure you to drop out of school?
Who are your cofounders?
Three guys. Course 6. PhD’s.

When did you decide to do this?

Why didn’t you give up after 28 firms?
The ball was always rolling.

The momentum really built after we got our first term sheet. We ended up with three. We had to force it in the end.

People won’t give you a term-sheet unless you force them to.

I pitched over 30 firms. You don’t just pitch once.
Wear heels, put hair down.

What was the most painful thing that you gave up?

I’m good at reading people, assessing situations. Memorable.

What is the difference between men and women entrepreneurs.
Women are more passionate about their project, but men are motivated by making money.

My office is right by school.

I have prioritized school.

Setting expectations on the company side is really important.

They asked you to change your voicemail message?!

(3) Jargon: Vesting
Earn you share over time. Vesting is the schedule that you earn your promised shares on.

(4) Business School Tip of the Week: Find a Team
B-school is a great opportunity to build a team. Having the right team is the most important thing.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Best and Worst Careers for MBAs in China

Meng Xing explains which MBA careers are golden in China, and which ones will leave you feeling like a failure. India sets off a land rush of American university satellite campuses. And find out why you’ve been emailing your Chinese friends using their last name.

We have Great Show today. China is taking over the world and India is hoping the world will take over them. The Split Internship, everyone is doing it.

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(1) Headlines: India invites colonization

Well, that’s a nice, refreshing change of pace

India has passed the foreign universities bill. Allowing, FOR THE FIRST TIME, foreign universities to grant degrees on Indian soil.

When asked for comment, the Dean of Wharton said:
[Both] Caching!

I think we’re basically looking at a land rush here.

Wharton isn’t going to miss out on THAT satellite campus opportunity.

My money say that Wharton is going to be the first school with boots on the ground over there.

Not so fast!
[briefcase that says Miro’s School of High Priced American Education]
I know after the show is over, I’ll be heading out there myself to claim a stake.

Sarcastic: What are we going to do with out you on the show.

I’m sure I’ll be out of business by next week’s show.

Oh, right. Because of the brand issue. It won’t make sense to open a school in India at India prices. It only makes sense if you can charge a premium.

And in a few years I think Indian Business School is going to run them all out of business . Within the decade, ISB will be competing for the best candidates in the world with top american schools.

No way! They need basic managers, not MBAs!

Exactly that’s what an MBA provides.

American MBA programs are where you go to get an elite job like Banking, Consulting, or Trading.

So you’re saying the MBA doesn’t actually train you to DO anything?

No, it teaches you the greatest American trick in the world: use other people’s money to make MORE money!

Dude, your next boss is going to be skypeing you from Bangalore.

(2) Interview

Name card: Xing Meng

1st year at Sloan. Born in China. Moved to US at 3.5yrs. Moved back to china at 6yrs. Moved back to US at 14yrs. Went to Berkeley for undergrad. Moved to Hong Kong at 21 to work at JP Morgan. Came back to Sloan at 24yrs.

(3) Jargon: Meng Xing.
Chinese names are written with the last name first.

(4) Business School Tip of the Week: Max 5
Don’t sign up for more than 5 different extracurricular activities at one time.

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(5) What’s on your Radar?
Miro: A finance test, an accounting test, etc.
Tom: Mother’s Day
Xing: Skydiving