Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Best and Worst Careers for MBAs in China

Meng Xing explains which MBA careers are golden in China, and which ones will leave you feeling like a failure. India sets off a land rush of American university satellite campuses. And find out why you’ve been emailing your Chinese friends using their last name.

We have Great Show today. China is taking over the world and India is hoping the world will take over them. The Split Internship, everyone is doing it.

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(1) Headlines: India invites colonization

Well, that’s a nice, refreshing change of pace

India has passed the foreign universities bill. Allowing, FOR THE FIRST TIME, foreign universities to grant degrees on Indian soil.

When asked for comment, the Dean of Wharton said:
[Both] Caching!

I think we’re basically looking at a land rush here.

Wharton isn’t going to miss out on THAT satellite campus opportunity.

My money say that Wharton is going to be the first school with boots on the ground over there.

Not so fast!
[briefcase that says Miro’s School of High Priced American Education]
I know after the show is over, I’ll be heading out there myself to claim a stake.

Sarcastic: What are we going to do with out you on the show.

I’m sure I’ll be out of business by next week’s show.

Oh, right. Because of the brand issue. It won’t make sense to open a school in India at India prices. It only makes sense if you can charge a premium.

And in a few years I think Indian Business School is going to run them all out of business . Within the decade, ISB will be competing for the best candidates in the world with top american schools.

No way! They need basic managers, not MBAs!

Exactly that’s what an MBA provides.

American MBA programs are where you go to get an elite job like Banking, Consulting, or Trading.

So you’re saying the MBA doesn’t actually train you to DO anything?

No, it teaches you the greatest American trick in the world: use other people’s money to make MORE money!

Dude, your next boss is going to be skypeing you from Bangalore.

(2) Interview

Name card: Xing Meng

1st year at Sloan. Born in China. Moved to US at 3.5yrs. Moved back to china at 6yrs. Moved back to US at 14yrs. Went to Berkeley for undergrad. Moved to Hong Kong at 21 to work at JP Morgan. Came back to Sloan at 24yrs.

(3) Jargon: Meng Xing.
Chinese names are written with the last name first.

(4) Business School Tip of the Week: Max 5
Don’t sign up for more than 5 different extracurricular activities at one time.

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(5) What’s on your Radar?
Miro: A finance test, an accounting test, etc.
Tom: Mother’s Day
Xing: Skydiving


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