Thursday, April 28, 2011

4 Must Know Tips For Drinking at MBA Recruiting Events

Jeff Blake explains how to stay sharp during an open bar recruiting event, and Columbia Business School unveils a secret MBA program allowing you to get your degree behind your employers back.

(1) Headlines: Columbia Unveils the Secret MBA

For people who don’t want their employer to know they are getting an MBA, Columbia is offering one of the first “Saturday Only” Executive MBA Programs.

That’s right. It’s the secret MBA!

Yup, with classes on Saturday, you don’t need to take off work and can get your entire MBA without letting your employer know.

For those of you married to your job, but still want a little piece of MBA on the side.

There are a lot of advantages for you who have been seduced by a secret MBA.

This MBA program is younger,

your job is nice, but it’s taking you for granted,

you’re probably just not as excited by your job as you used to be.

And let’s be honest, there’s a thrill in the danger of sneaking around to get your MBA.

So that’s why we’ve prepared some tips for those of you flirting with getting a secret MBA

1) Remember to tell your Secret MBA never to call you on your work phone.

2) Develop a credible cover story for your job ahead of time. Yeah my grandfather is in the hospital again … every Saturday from 8 to 5.

3. Enlist the help of your good friends to cover for you at work.

4. At some point, your secret MBA is going to start pressuring you to leave your job. And you need to be very honest with your secret MBA that you are going leave your job at some point, but just not now.

Our next guest is going to teach you some tips for recruiting events that you won’t learn from your career office.

(2) Interview - Jeff Blake

Jeff Blake is a 2nd year MBA at MIT Sloan in the Biomedical Enterprise Program.

Today we’ll be talking about drinking at a recruiting event. Jeff is going to help us help you survive recruiting event.

Recruiting event etiquette.

Hold the drink with your left hand.

Hold the drink by the bottle with a napkin.

Drink Lime and Soda Water to blend in without drinking and keep your edge

If you hold an empty drink, you can go into a circle and you always have an excuse to leave to “get another drink”.

Prop list:
Soda Water with Lime
Scotch on the Rocks
Nearly empty glass.

(3) Jargon: Deadfish

(4) Business School Tip of the Week: De-prioritize school-work, and make sure you pick a team that matches your priorities.

(5) What’s on your Radar?
Miro: A finance test, an accounting test, etc.
Tom: Taking it easy.
Jeff: I’ll be hitting the clubz with TRTR for some official MBA recruiting.


  1. this episode is actually quite funny

  2. Thanks James! We agree... periodically we like to switch it up and make them actually funny!

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