Thursday, April 21, 2011

Studies Prove American Business Undergrads Are the Dumbest Of All the Majors

Tom and Miro interview Swiss business student Firat Aslan, international student of mystery, about the benefits of a global education. And today’s jargon will get you hugged in northern Switzerland and beat up in southern Switzerland.

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(1) Headlines: Business majors are dumbest

The New York Times and The Chronicle of Higher Education reported the results of the National Survey of Student Engagement. They discovered what me and any of my phi Beta Kappa friends could have told you. Business majors are dumb.

Undergrad business majors had the Lowest GMAT Scores of any other major taking the GMAT.

What? that’s supposed to be their thing

That’s like saying Sprinting Majors from the Cambridge School of Running are finishing last at NCAA running contest.

Also, they don’t actually do any actual running, they only do tons of group projects about running.

Out of all undergraduate students business majors spend the least time studying and improved the least over their careers in writing and reasoning.

But they were statistically tied with education majors.

Oh great, the only people as poorly educated as business majors are educators.

But, wait, I can explain all this. Why do you choose business as a major? Because you want to get a kick-ass finance job.

And we all know that those jobs are not given out to people with good grades. Networking is what gets you those jobs.

What they should really be judged on is salary. They get higher salaries than average coming out of school. How is that not success?

Scientists and engineers do even better than that, and some majors , like philosophy close the gap by mid career.

That’s why we need to get rid of the undergraduate business major. You can learn bean counting at the bean factory when you graduate. Spend college to learn how to think.

Get rid of it? Business is the biggest undergraduate major. The marketplace is calling for MORE business undergrads, not less. And they’re making more money too, which means they’re basically better people.

Dude, I’m a better person because I can evaluate history through the lens of the Hegelian dialectic, not because I can read a balance sheet.

I’m not so sure.

How else could I have written that Marxist critique of the NPV equation?

(2) Interview - Swiss, Turkish Undergrad

INTRO: Firat is an Undergraduate business major at University of Applied Sciences, Northwestern Switzerland Current on tour in the US with swissnex. A trully international man of mystery.
Networking New York

(3) Jargon: Gruezi

Hello in Swiss

(4) Business School Tip of the Week: Learn A Language

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(5) What’s on your Radar?
Miro: 2 hour meditation workshop
Tom: 2 minute meditation workshop proving that I’m 60 times more efficient than MiorKaz.
Firat: Going to NY to visit Wall Street!


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