Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jargon | SloanTV Segment

"Jargon" is an idea for a recurring SloanTV segment. The idea is that Miro and I (TRTR) discuss one piece of must know business jargon and explain what it means each week.

For example:

1. A change in business plan for a startup company.
2. What you do when you need to change your business plan, but you already have VC funding under one plan and you don't want to sound like you're making a huge change, but at the same time you need to make a huge change.


  1. NPS
    Gross Margin vs. Net Margin
    Network Effect
    Metcalf's Law

  2. Use Case - I used this word with Tracy the other day, and she accused me of using b-school jargon. Who knew?

  3. Excellent!

    Add to that failure mode.