Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to post video online

So I'm looking for ways to post our video online.

Here are some useful resources:

... or maybe not

Searching for "post video online" is yielding a bunch of links from 2005, many of which are pay sites with outdated or bad info. ... Sigh

Okay, i"m having a bit more luck with online video sharing free

I've pulled together a few contenders:

And yes, I do know how to create a proper link, but I'm lazy. I'll look at these sites in more detail and hopefully have something to share reasonably soon.


  1. Tom found livestream, which is a pretty excellent freeium service that seems to do what we need.

    Tom, any comments on how the set-up went?

  2. I found a site for streaming live over the internet. It's easy, free, and exactly what we need. Livestream is the same service that HubSpot TV uses to stream their show.

    Livestream seems great so far. They allow you to brand your show, queue different video feeds, and record what you broadcast, so that you can show the video again later.

    There are a couple of downsides.

    One downside: There are streaming advertisements that play over top of our feed periodically. There is one ad that plays about 30 seconds after you log in, and another that plays about 15 minutes in. I think this is an excellent reason for us to try to keep our shows short. 10 minutes would be an ideal length to slide in before the second ad starts.

    Another downside is the downloaded video format. It's FLV format, and I haven't been able to decode the rest of the video yet, so I know what what video and audio codecs they are using. The recorded video plays in VLC, so that's a good sign.

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