Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Basics of putting a video Podcast together | Notes from our First meeting

Our first meeting mostly consisted of figuring out what we could put off until later.

Our goal was to commit ourselves to broadcasting something and figuring it out as we went along.

We agreed the first show would be show number negative one (-1). We would do a 2nd show number zero. We'll soft launch both of these shows; taping them and posting them but only telling a few people. And then we will do our big launch around show one.

What we agreed about show -1

  • We'll shoot in E51-Lobby
  • We'll do this one on tape and then work up to live
  • The topic of the show will mostly be how we put the show together
  • The show will be on August 18th at 4:30
We agreed on a few principles:
  • We want to do the show in an area where people will see it. The goal eventually is to have people come hang out and watch the taping
  • We want to do it live, because otherwise we'll try to edit it and then it will become a bigger time suck than we have space for in our lives
  • We are pretty much transparently ripping off HubspotTV
Other things to do in prep for show -1
  • Figure out the equipment situation including a camera, mic and a tripod -- Tom
  • Figure out how to get the show posted to the Internet -- Miro
  • Write blog posts on our goals, meeting notes from our first meeting and a proposed outline of show -1 -- Miro
Things to figure out later
  • A facebook fan page
  • launch marketing
Tom, anything I missed?


  1. Okay, Tom. We're up and running. Can you email me access to the website so I can put our blog on the site, rather than on this blogspot domain.

    Despite our commitment to transparency, let's not share the password over the comments section

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