Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Notes/Feedback on Show 0

Tom's Feedback

  • Let's try to record it at the time
  • Much higher energy, take it up a notch
  • Next week re-read the feedback notes
  • Move faster through the content
  • Anything we want to get on the the show; needs to be on the show notes
  • Props help transitions
  • SHow -1 got boring at 1min 30sec; Show 0 at 4min 30sec
  • One Segment per paper (no more 2 headlines)
Miro's feedback
  • Much higher energy
  • Liked the content, generating content before hand is better
  • Right amount of content
  • Worried we dragged; 
  • Next time leave space and write in
  • Back and forth on the show notes worked well
  • Put prompting questions on our show notes (e.g. "Why should we care about law school")
Notes while watching:
  • Don't slap the table
  • Loved the web is dead bit
  • Miro should use hands more
  • Show drags at the Law school: write the prompt
  • Miro is too stiff. Let the rapport come through
  • Volume still feels weak
  • Tom's move along question works
  • Good closer:
    • I'm MiroKaz. I'm TheRealTomTose, and this is SloanTV

  • checklist for next time
  • Miro brings the show notes
  • Tom brings the studio
  • Miro Posts show after
  • Tom bring beer 2 weeks


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