Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Show -1 Commentary


  • IT takes a while for livestream to process the recording for download

Miro's Initial thoughts before we watch the video-

-Great start
-Liked about it

  • conversational
  • Tom managed the crowd well to cheer for us
  • Moved fast
  • Liked pacing
Things for next time to work on
  • Tighter, tighter, tighter
  • Hard transitions between the segment
  • We need the Papers to match our show note
Tom's Initial Thoughts Before we watch the video

  • I liked that the people in the audience would rebel. They supported us and cheered
  • Awesome
To work on
  • Think we need to move faster
  • If we want to get info across, we need to have it detailed out beforehand
  • Try to have moments of clear structure with more free flowing in between
  • Did not have backup for the hardware

Watching the Show

  • I need to keep my hands off the desk
  • We bounce forward when we talk
  • I move my head too much
  • Sound is okay. I wonder if it will still work when the room is full of people
  • I need to look at Tom more
  • What's on your radar should be very short and punchy

  • Quality of the video is mediocre
  • We need to pick up the pace by knowing our content tighter
  • At about 1:30 min in everyone tuned out.

What did you think?