Monday, August 23, 2010

Marketing for episode 0

We talked about soft launching our show. As we approach episode 0 and our launch with episode 1, we need to get a marketing plan together. Here's my suggestions:

  1. We send out a Tweet right before the show telling people to tune in (my twitter is linked to Facebook too)
    • is a service I really like for scheduling Tweets easily
  2. After the show we send an email to our friends telling them about the show and inviting them to watch the posted video
In Preparation for Show 1, here are some important channels:
-Google Groups
-Signage on campus
-Chalk writing on the blackboards

Tom, can you think of anything else? I can imagine two types of approaches. One is the straightforward one where we post info about the show. The other is more time consuming one where we try to build momentum by posting different cryptic messages everyday leading up to the launch to try and get some buzz.

Thoughts? I think the latter approach would be more fun. For show zero, if you think those are the right things, let me know and I'll draft something.