Monday, September 13, 2010

SloanTV now automatically posting to Facebook and Twitter

I was able to use twitterfeed to create a service that automatically posts content from the SloanTV Blog directly to facebook and twitter.  This is crucial, it turns out, because no one knows about our blog, but everyone we know is active on Facebook and Twitter (except for Gary).

This is our Hello World post, so I hope it shows up! Fingers crossed.  Extra gravy points if the twitter post includes "#SloanTV".

Here's how I did it:

(0) I'll assume you have a Facebook account and a twitter account
(1) Setup a blog at Blogger
(2) Setup a permanent RSS feed at Feedburner
(3) Make an account at
(4) Make an account at twitterfeed (critical step)
(5) In your twitterfeed account suck content out of your feedburner RSS feed, authorize your facebook account, and authorize your twitter account.  You'll have the option of authorizing using the API service.  You can get your login and auth code by going to and clicking on "API" at the bottom of the page.  (Or search for it if they have moved it.)
(6) After you authorize your facebook account, if you are the administrator of a fan page, then you will have the option of selecting that as the auto-post location for your content.
(7) Choose 'Create Service' and that's all there is to it.

Like most things in my life, now that I know how easy this is, I wish I had done it weeks ago...