Friday, September 10, 2010

Ideas and Script for Show 2

  1. Introduction
  2. Call to action
  3. Headline
    1. Salary not a motivator for MBAs: Veritas Survey
  4. Nerf Ninjas attack your professor
  5. Jargon: NPS
  6. Business Tip of the Week: Use quantifiable customer metrics.  Ref: Eric Ries' NPS article.
  7. What's on your Radar


  1. (1) Introduction
    (2) Call to action
    (3) Headline
    --Salary not a motivator for MBAs: Veritas Survey
    --Tom: BS, people are money grubbing whores.
    --Miro: People are hippies who like to hold hands. and something about mazlow.
    (4) Nerf Ninjas raid your class
    (5) How to (Not) recruit for your club
    (6) Jargon: NPS
    --Tom: Great go-to, single metric, works for any business. (Ex, Apple NPS: 79)
    --Miro: The quest for the single metric is BS.
    (7) Business School Tip of the Week: Paper and pen todo list assignments. Find a system that is simple, and stick with it.
    (8) What's on your Radar