Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ideas and Script for Show 3

(1) Introduction
(2) Call to action: Click the new like button; 36 by next show

(3) Our new name
- Why we changed it: we got it wrong. Didn't fit our vision, misleading.
- What we learned: Start with your market and work from there

(3) Headlines:
-Princeton Review & Entrepreneur Magazine name there top 25 Business Schools for entreprneurship

  • Percentage faculty who are entrepreneurs: 90% 
  • Scholarships for entrepreneurship students: Yes 
  • Scholarships money available: $332,500
  • Number of entrepreneurship organizations and clubs: 8
  • Mentorship programs: 3

Tom: Rankings are good, but they are missing criteria here : how many companies come out of the school, likelihood of success. Annual revenue of companies started by grads of that school.
Miro: all rankings are bullshit, if you're on the list you're happy. If not, you're sad. I'm sad (no Sloan). it's a game to get publicity (% of faculty)

(4) Nerf Ninjas raid your class: 
Tie! Vote online!

(6) Jargon: Pods: Ocean, Section, Cohort, 
Takeaway - When schmoozing with an MBA, ask them about their section, ocean, etc ...

(7) Business School Tip of the Week: Small decision early in a project have a big impact later on.

(8) What's on your Radar


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