Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check out our Ideas and Scripts for Episode 4

(1) Introduction

(2) Call to action: Post on our wall in Facebook www.facebook.com/TheMBAShow/

(3) Headlines:
47 Minority Professors earn tenure
Tom: never thought about it. Professors is not an area where you need diversity
Miro: Race brings diversity

(4) Business Porn
I'm on *$*!@@#@ Boat
Guest: Michael Goulet
-First Year at MIT Sloan
-Before Business school was a consultant at PRTM
-Just came back from the Rolex MBA Reggatta in Porto Fino Italy

Tell us about Regatta
-44 teams, about 350 people from 22 schools and over 40 countries
-3 days of sailing and four night of partying
-8 people per boat
-SDA Bocconi won the regatta

-Wasn't it tiring?
-How much did it cost?
-How did you pay for it?
-There was a panel?

-People are always saying MBA isn't about grades and it's about connection. How did you make the decision to go.
-What was the impact of missing class? Was it worth it?

(5) Nerf Ninjas raid your class

(6) Jargon: WYSIWYG
Miro--What You See is What You Get

(7) Business School Tip of the Week: If the name of your business school professor is on the text book, you don't need to buy that book.
Miro: Prompt on case study

(8) What's on your Radar


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