Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Notes from Episode 1

  1. We need a secret signal that means 'move on'.  I would have tapped miro's leg, but was thwarted by the concept of naked thigh at the last minute.
  2. The sound on our new Yeti is PERFECT.
  3. At around 1:26, the energy dies a little.  
  4. The objective of each segment is to get to: 'what does this mean for an mba' with as much residual energy as possible.
  5. No repeating categories, or topic areas at all.
  6. Talking with the audience is good.
  7. We need a third person to get the audience going and run the equipment.  Oh, if only we had an executive producer...
  8. Jargon needs to be tighter.  Instead of an open discussion, we should have a defined definition packaged and ready, followed by a packaged example.
  9. ALWAYS keep the target customer, Michael M'BA,' in mind.