Thursday, November 4, 2010

Watch Episode 9 of The MBA Show | | Job Interview Horror Stories

(1) Introduction

(2) Headlines: Everyone is #1
Princeton Review's Ranking of best MBA programs
Best Administered Harvard University
Best Campus Environment UCLA
Best Campus Facilities Bentley University
Best Professors University of Virginia
Greatest Opportunity for Minority Students Howard University
Greatest Opportunity for Women Simmons School of Management
Most Family Friendly Brigham Young University
Best Career Prospects Harvard University
Most Competitive Students Vanderbilt University
Toughest to Get Into Stanford University
Best Classroom Experience Cornell University

(2) Optional Headline: Republicans Gain Control of the House and weaken Democrats in the Senate.

Reuters: “The split between the House and the Senate is likely to cause gridlock, and analysts say Congress might only pass mandatory spending bills and non-controversial measures.”

Reuters: “Republican Agenda:  Freeze Government Hiring, End Gov’t Control of Fannie and Freddie, Scale back spending $100 billion.”  Lower demand for housing, lowering prices

Obama’s Agenda

(3) Beacon Hill Social Club Newsletter: “Tom Rose and Miro Kazakoff as The Ambiguously Gay Duo.  Check out for the latest ambiguously gay scenes.”

I can’t believe this!  You know what this means?  We have been mentioned in the media!

(4) Many of you are grappling with interviews.  So we have a special segment Today.  Nabil Laoudji is “MBA Storyteller” at  He brings his experience to TheMBAShow, with this piece on Job Interviewing.

[Play Video]

That was Nabil Laoudji.  You can see more of his work at

The only thing sexier than getting an MBA, dropping out of an MBA program.  

Nabil has taken a leave of absence from his MBA to

(5) Contest Announcements: MBA M-Prize Re: Allan’s Email

(6) Jargon: 5 Words at B-School that have lost all meaning

We will now be holding a funeral for five words at B-school that have lost all meeting.

Miro, is dressed a little informally.  But changes into a black t-shirt, and yamaka.  Tom says, well I’m dressed for a banking interview, which fortunately is also appropriate for a funeral.

“Building on your last point” (Followed by anything irrelevant.)

(7) Business School Tip of the week:  The Panic Schedule
From Cal Newport, best study blogger out there.
Make it visual and go into panic mode

(8) What's on your Radar
Miro: Nothing
Tom: Maine Brewers Festival


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