Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Watch Episode 7 of The MBA Show | Columbia Stinks

(1) Introduction


kernal: Good branded schools get better

What's going on: Insead is working with prodigy finance to release a bond to investors that is collateralized by student loan payments. Listed on Irish Stock Exchange.

Good for international students and schools that can afford it (those with great brands, rich alumni, and high student earning potential on exit.)

* Easier to get loans, visas, and jobs.
* School gets dollars and engaged alumni.
* This is ONE more thing that makes is hard for second tier schools to compete.

(3) Jargon: tranche
-Used in structured finance to talk about slicing up something into different segments of risk.
e.g. The INSEAD Bond for 200 loans is sold in 100 tranches that are ordered by what order people get paid in
-You can use this colloquially to refer to anything that is divided up.
-This is a great word to use to sound if you know finance

(4) Rule of the week
Columbia Students Must be reminded to bathe
-HBS student John Kramer brough this Gawker article to our attention
-Memo went out to Columnbia Investment banking society in response to complaints
§ Brush your teeth regularly, or have a mint/mouth refreshers before going to recruiting events (avoid chewing gums)
§ Carry anti-perspirant with you if you are worried about sweating. Don't wear too much cologne/perfume
§ Professional haircuts
§ No backpacks with you
§ Men – no tacky cufflinks or watches (with no crazy patterns, silver is preferable to gold)
§ Women – if it rains, do not show up in rain boots, no matter how cute you think they are

Miro: none one should have to be told this
Tom: looks matter
Miro: what do I care what other people look like
Tom: important for the school, cite rule 1, 80/20 interviewing the school

Miro: does that mean I have to stop wearing t-shirts
Tom: Match the image

Rule 2: “Looks Matter”
Pick the right look for what you want to convey and the situation

Story from John Kramer, at HBS

(5) Business School Tip of the week: When you get a business card, write who it is on the back immediately. Then, when you get home, you throw it into a giant stack that you keep somewhere.
Miro Prompts: so you don’t keep them in any order?
Tom: Actually, I keep them in time order.
Tom: It has but 1 weakness: Your wife will complain about the stack.

(6) What's on your Radar
Miro: Performing a production of MacBeth
Tom: Doing improv


  1. This is hysterical, jokers! Loved it.

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