Thursday, October 14, 2010

Watch Episode 6 of The MBA Show | We're All Getting Jobs

(1) Introduction

(2) Headlines: "BofA stops all foreclosures in US"

Why?  Because banks don't know who owns mortgages.  So much auto-trading, that owner not clear.  Shit-storm coming down the media pipe.  BOFA: to get ahead of story, let's announce really really shocking news.

Take aways: If you go to work for a really large corporation, what the general, stupid, idiot public things about your company matters.  It's completely irrational.
Small companies have always known this.
Now that the gov't is medling
Though this feels disconnected, this is just a larger version of, viral bad stories.  What WAS private, will be more and more public.
I think that public viral news is going to usher in a new wave of good citizen corporation.
Miro, all that goodwill, will just be a number in an excel model some day.

(3) Howard Says (Picture needed): "If you don't come in on Saturday, don't bother coming in on Sunday!"

(3) My trip to the career center:

Employment forecast looks great:

Cheer: We're all getting jobs!!!  

Miro: True everywhere or just at sloan?

Tom: We'll know more after the meeting of the B-7 in the coming months.  Coverage on MBA-span

How the career center sees itself to the students and companies.  Their eyes are on the 10 year horizon, but the students all have their eyes on the 1 year horizon.  "Don't shit where you eat becomes, don't shit where people will be eating next year."

RULE 1: We invoke "The campfire rule"  leave the place better than or equal to how you found it.

(3) Business School Tip of the week:  Figure out what the fuck you want, and then go for it full on.  You have unbelievable resources available at your disposal if you ask.  But you have to ask the right way, you have to be convincing, and you have to be committed. 

(5) Jargon: Use Case

(6) What's on your Radar


Future week:
Woman sues City Group citing list of sexist things that were said to her.
MBA Blog: Researching luxury yachts.


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