Friday, September 2, 2011

Episode 48: Strengthening Your MBA Core Term

Tom: It is August 31st and this is episode 48 of the MBA Show! I am TheRealTomRose.

Christina: And I am Christina Johnson! We have a great show today. We are here to celebrate the beginning of yet another MBA year by discussing the issue of CORE TERM (print).

Tom: The Core term, which in some schools can be spread over more than one term or even a whole year, is a horrid idea that means that your school is trying to cram business fundamentals into the first few classes you take.

Christina: Like what classes?

Tom: You know, basic accounting, finance, marketing, statistics, love making.

Christina: I think that is a wonderful thing! I sure need those fundamentals. I think this will increase my chances of getting recruited for an internship!

Tom: As a matter of fact, I have a quote here from a senior associate dean at Darden: ““These classes are vital to performing well in internships.”

Christina: I bet they are so much fun! Something so important must be a lot of fun!

Tom: Oh, you poor little MBAby (pronounced: em-bi-ey-bi = MBA and baby in one word, get it?). As a veteran, I can tell you that the core courses are designed to destroy your life and eat away at your sleep-hours like little Gremlins. It is definitely not fun!

Christina: So you mean there are things in the MBA that I will not like to do?

Tom: There are plenty of things, but this will be the first of them.

Christina: Come on, is it really that bad?

Tom: That really is up to you. The core classes alone are not that bad, it’s how you mix it with all the other stuff – recruiting events, social events, group assignments. You know what they say – you have to choose two out of three: sleep, social life or studying.

Christina: Oh, well. I better get into them books right away then! Tom, what are you up to this week?

Tom: (Fill in whatever). And what about you Christina?

Christina: (Fill in whatever). I am Christina Johnson.

Tom: And I’m theRealTomRose! Don’t forget to subscribe…

Together: You’ve been watching The MBA Show!!!


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