Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Much Money Did You Lose In The Dot Com Boom?

Take a trip back to the go-go late 90s with The MBA Show. While Tom and Miro are on vacation, they look back what life was like when everyone was getting rich and nobody knew what their Internet Start-up did or how it would make any money.

Tech Bubble 1999

Big news.  My company just IPO’d for $50M

what does the company do?

Here’s the pitch content-is-king, get big fast, first-mover-advantage.  

You don’t know what your company does do you?

Not in the slightest, but that doesn’t seem to matter to investors.

So how much money have you made in this game so far?

Billions, you should see my e-trade statement. 

So how much actual CASH have you made so far.

Well none, but that’s simply because I haven’t sold the stock yet.  And why would I do that?  Stocks only go up!

Stocks don’t only go up.  What about the tulip craze or the great depression

This time is different! Any information you need in the world, will be available at your fingertips.  Two years from now, you won’t have: a phone, a TV, you won’t need a photo alumb, you won’t need to buy dog food, you won’t go shopping, and the PORN, my god, THE PORN!

Miro, this is the internet:
picture of naked person slowly downloading … it frose.  [both: ahh, damn]

Business School tip of the week:

Both: Drop out.


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