Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finally, A Professional School For The C Student - The MBA Show Episode 15

Harvard awards the first MBA : (1908)

How are you going to teach business?  It’s not a real science like metallurgy or phrenology.
Harvard is hiring former executives to teach people how they became successful.

Give me an example of how this might help me?

Well, the classic example is this:  Your family’s whale oil business has fallen on hard times because of those hippies and their green, all-natural oil that comes right out of the earth. So, you got to school to find out how to compete.

So, will all the teachers be former whaling executives?

Some of them will be, but you’ll really be learning from people in other industries who have solved similar business problems before already.

This is a total scam.  You can’t teach business in a classroom.  You have to get our there and learn by doing at your father’s company.  You can’t learn your way into the aristocracy.  We’re at the top now, and we’ll always be at the top

what about those people who aren’t at the top?  

You mean the jews and the irish?  They’ll never own companies.  They don’t have the moral fiber for such a lofty persuit.

I’ll drink to that!  To WASPy christianity.  To the the rich getting richer.  Here’s to C-students finally having a professional school that they can attend.

(2) Undermining the constitution. States make a move to amend the constitution to allow something called an “income tax”.  [Fade to black] 

Son of a bitch!


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