Thursday, March 10, 2011

Qaddafi's Son Kicked Out of B School for 'Crushing the Rebellion.'

Should brutal tyranny be ground for explosion? Spain's IE Business School gives the boot to Qaddafi's son. Also, NYU Stern and Tisch graduate the first class of MBA/MFA's.

(1) Headlines: Your favorite ranting lunatic has had his son expelled from business school.

Charlie Sheen has a son?

No, I’m talking about Muammar Qaddafi

Qaddafi’s Son expelled from B-School
Khamis Gaddafi was expelled from Spain’s IE Business school. While supposed to be doing his required internship he was instead “leading an elite military brigade in Libya trying to crush the rebellion.”

Now, on your resume, you’ll want to phrase that starting with a verb to show action. I would suggest that you start with “crushed”. And if possible, you want to include a number.

What sounds better? Crush rebelling, killing innocent civilians, or Crushed rebellion killing 30,000 innocent civilians.

Well, that certainly satisfies his leadership requirement. Now all he has to focus on is “Client Service”

Can you imagine what it would be like to be on this guy’s core team.

Ehm, excuse me Mr. Gaddafi, your core team has some to me with some grievances.

For example, under priorities I notice that Dave has ranked “academics” as number one, And, I see that your top business school priority is “Winning my father’s affection by learning how to exploiting the resources of the Libyan people”.

Yes, but that is quickly followed by my second priority: “getting a job at McKinsey”.

Oh, we’re getting breaking news here. Apparently even though Mr. Godaffi has been expelled, he is apparently refusing to step down from his post as Vice President of the Sports Analytics Conference.

(2) NYU is about graduate its first combination MBA/MFA class

This is the combination of two powerhouse programs. Stern is a powerhouse business school and Tisch is a powerhouse film school. This program gets you a degree from both schools in 3 years.

MBA should not be allowed to make videos

Why are we spending all this money trying to recruit more students. We already have students. Let’s just sell them a second degree.

Here’s a real business insight: It’s far easier to sell MORE to your existing customers than it is to find new customers

Christ! MBA programs have finally figured out the info-mercial model.

Operators are standing by … If you act fast, for just 1 additional year of school, we’ll throw in [together] an MBA.

(3) Jargon: Space

That’s not jargon. Everyone knows that mean a business area, industry, opportunity

The way that I found out that this was jargon is by using it in a conversation with my wife, and she accused me of using jargon.

Have you ever tried to defend someting as not being jargon to someone.

In fact I did just then. I said, no it’s not jargon. Everyone uses that term.


And she said, yeah everyone you KNOW in your MBA program..

And that’s when I realized that jargon is defined by the listener.

For example, if you're talking to a 5-year-old, EVERYTHING is jargon. Or any MBA a program ranked lower on USNews and World Report.

(4) Business School Tip of the Week: Priority matrix
This is a great tool for aligning teams

So I did, this with my core team. We each ranked four area in order of priority
Beers - Fun
Babies - Family
Bucks - Job
Books -Academics

That’s all great, but it’s so dorky. Do you really want to be that guy who says, “Lets’ all hold hands and discuss our life goals.”

No, but you do want to have SOME KIND of discussion about this. Here is the line that I use and have found to be effective:

“What level of performance are you guys thinking about for this project?”

Or you can try my strategy of sending an email that says “Just so you know, I prioritize efficiency over quality.”

Yes, there is always the dictator method.

Apparently today’s episode is all about dictators.

(5) What’s on your Radar?
Miro: Taking the SAT
Tom: I’m taking the SAT on Saturday. I feel like i’m in high school again. [texting on phone] And afterwards we can hang out at the mall and buy Mrs. Field’s cookies with my dad’s credit card. Crap, I’m out of cellphone points, I’ll text you tomorrow.


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