Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to say your name so that people remember

Ali Freedman from joins Tom and Miro to provide some tips on how MBAs can improve their speaking skills. Learn how to say your name so that employers remember you and the quick way to make sure you remember the name of everyone you meet. Also, Tyra Banks is now an HBS student.

(1) Headlines:

they have finally done it. Scientists at Harvard have finally condensed the entire HBS degree down into a single drunken week.

How’s they do that Tom?

Raise the price!

So discovered this when we Tyra Banks has enrolled in Harvard Owner/President Exec Program.

At least the average MBA just got 1% more attractive. And after Prince enrolls next year, the average MBA will be 1% more flambuoyant.

The program is three weeks on campus spread out over three years, and the first week is $31K.

That makes the fulltime MBA, the discount option.

Dear super successful business person. Do you already own two hit television show? Do you have a diamond necklace for your dog? Do you make your omelettes out of free-range, organic Fabrege eggs?

The Harvard Exec Education Owner/President Program is for you, Tyra Banks.

But seriously, why does Tyra Banks need an MBA?

Is trying to get a job investment banking? and she needs more credibility.

This one baffles me.

Speaking of successful business women, our guest on the show today teaches Consultants at Boston Consulting Group (among other companies) how to enhance their communication skills

MBA’s, please welcome to the show...

(2) Alison (Ali) Freedman
Masters in Education at Michigan. MBA at Ross.

Well, I’m a small Internet celebrity, so there’s obviously nothing that I can do better. But we need to do something about Tom? You travel all over North America. What kind of advice to hear your self giving over and over again to MBA’s?

People feel like they are good at speaking, but basically, they’re NOT. I do a lot of video work with people and show people what they actually look like.

- There is nothing I find more annoying than endlessly admiring myself on tape.

- That’s why I play The MBA Show on loop while I sleep.

A lot of the work you do with people is on simple things such a saying a name?

Saying your name more slowly can help people keep track of your name.

Or you can add something to help people remember your name such as “Tom Rose, like the flower”. Slowing down and saying your name clearly is a really important part of meeting someone.

Model out good behavior

SKIP - What if your name is foreign sounding, or you are an MBA working abroad?

If your native language is Hindi. You need to say your name really slowly. And make it easier for you to say it.

If you are saying someone else’s name, make an effort it will be okay.

How does an MBA end up as a presentation trainer?

If needed for time, What else do you frequently find youself telling MBAs?

(1) Say your name well and think about remembering other people’s names.
(2) Pay attention to the non-verbal communication you use. (A problem for MBA’s because we’re put into a lot of high-pressure situations.)
(3) Don’t “up-speak”. Don’t end statements with question marks at the end.
- To fix this, think about puting a period at the end of the sentence.
(4) Focus on things that you can change. For example, I’m 4’ 11” and I know I can’t change that.
(5) Slow your pace. (MBA’s often speak too quickly.) Try practicing with a period after every word.

(3) Jargon: Up speak (Up tick)

What is upspeak?

Why is it a problem?

How can you train this out of yourself?
- Put period at the en dof the sentence.

(5) Business School Tip of the Week: NAMES Acronyms

How do you remember people’s names?

I have an acronym that I use to remember names.

Neighbors and Friends - Think of people you know who have that name.
Anyone Famous - Tom: Tom Cruise
Mental Image - Miro in Spanish means “I look”, so I picture you with a hand mirror.
Early Ellen - Alliteration
Silly Willy - Rhyme the name

How can you practice this?

We write our names on our arms. Tom: “Tom Rose” Other arm: “The Real”

Close: Alison also teaches communications at MBA programs throughout the country. If you would like to hire her, goto

(7) What’s on your Radar?

Tom: Taxes
Miro: Taxes
Ali: Nuitblanche - All night arts festival


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